Monday, 2 August 2010

I scrapped!!!

I finally managed to scrap! I have completed April and made a start on May for the Document 2010. I am soooo far behind, but determined to catch up. I have enjoyed it and that is the main thing. It relaxed me. I am usually stressed on Monday because, although it's my day off, it does mean that I start back at work the following day.... :-(

Anyway! Here is April:

I love the detail on this page. Cuttlebug folders and a rolling pin. Is that a new sort of technique, do you think? ;o)

Here's the lettering and the top flower in more detail:

The two photo pages: Washing on the line for the first time this year; daffodils - a sure sign of spring; clear skies - no planes because of the Icelandic volcano; and toes!!!!

The houses behind us - gong, going, gone.... leaves on the trees; planes finally return to the skies. Spring is lovely.

Final page this month: Mandy came up for Easter and brought Poppy. Her and Floss still tolerate each other - just. The looks on their faces at various times is so funny!

I got a new phone last week..... wooooohoooo. I'm loving it. A smartphone, without the iPhone price tag. Still crave an iPhone, but it's just silly money and this one links to the 'puter anyway!

Here she is..... sooooo pretty! She even makes phone calls.... lol! Gosh! When I think back to my first phone. Now that one DID make phone calls.... and nothing else.... because I didn't know anyone else that had a mobile so never sent any text messages. :-D I really did have that one for emergencies. AND it cost more - for the phone and per month, than this one did!

OK! Bedtime. Night night. Speak soon. xxxx