Monday, 29 March 2010

Spring has finally sprung!

Well...... for a few days it did! Crocuses finally made an appearance, although there are still no daffodils in my garden yet!  I Love crocuses so much I'm going to show you this again! Sooooo pretty!

And then found this little fella on the side path when I got home from work one evening - always find it strange because we don't have a pond and non of the close neighbours do either, but we often have frogs or toads in the garden!? How do you tell the difference between a frog and a toad? No! Not a joke.... Apparently frogs jump and toads "walk"..... Honest! Read it somewhere (no, not Wikipedia!!!) :-D

I did a one day Environmental Arts & crafts course in Manchester at the beginning of March. I was really surprised at how much the city has changed. It seems so much cleaner now than how I remember it. The course was held at Castlefields, a place that I don't remember ever visiting before. I loved this combination of old and new bridges - think I must be an architect freak! Always taking photos of buildings and stuff! Oh! And the course? Yup! Interesting, helpful and useful for craft activities at work. Lucky really since they paid for me to go. Went back via Glossop and had me tea there wiv big bruv and  the lovely Jill. Fanks you two. Love you. xxx

On the 20th March my friends daughter got married. Thanks for inviting us Becs. Sorry we couldn't stay long, but you looked beautiful. I love this photo of Mandy and all the children.  No idea what Jess is looking at but it made them all laugh!! I love you all.xx

And Lyiel..... Such a handsome lad Becs. I would have brought him home with us - really......

Busy month, almost over. Some lovely memories and lots of stuff for the Document 2010 challenge that I am completing through UKScrappers. That baby especially, is good enough to eat. Matt has got a job - well done Matt! See you at work (hehehe, he's going to be working with me for the summer!) Reckon there's going to be lots of confused visitors this year, with Graeme having got Maggies job too. Two ginger-nuts.... Yeah!
O.K. Getting late. Need to go to bed - stocktaking tomorrow and I have the feeling it's not going to be a quick one this time! :-(
Back soon. xxx

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Another Word Book

Made another word book - this time BABY. Haven't got a photograph yet but HERE is a link to the file if you want to make your own.  Made this one for the daughter of a friend, who has just had her first baby. Not seen him yet and can't wait...... Congratulations Becs.
That's it for tonight. Speak soon. Jude. x

Monday, 15 March 2010

February pages finished at last

Finally finished the February pages for the Document 2010 challenge. Fairly happy with them, but wish I had tried some new technique on the pages.... Here they are:

Have been busy this month so far... Work has been hectic and I was in Manchester last Wednesday on a one-day course - Environmental Arts and Crafts. Did think that there would be more use of recycled items but had great fun all the same.  
Wow! Manchester sure has changed! It's all bright and sparkling and new looking. Well done Manchester. 
That's all for now; just wanted to put these photo's on.
Speak soon. xxx

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Getting motivated?!

Just don't seem to be able to get motivated with anything at the moment! Everything that could go wrong did go wrong today. Started with a broken tooth and ended with (to my shame) a finger and blast on the horn at an impatient driver on the roundabout... Well!!!! He started it, but I finished it.. :-D
Have been playing around with Gimp this week - it's a free photo-editing programme very similar to Photoshop. In true Blue Peter style... here's one I did earlier:

How neat is that? The photography still needs some work, but I'm getting there! 
March 1st and it seemed like Spring was arriving at last.

This was about 7.30 in the morning. It was really cold but look - SUN! The whole day was lovely.

On Wednesday this week Helena and I went out for a walk in order to take photographs for an update of a leaflet. I tried playing with the macro setting but think I need more practice with the settings because all the photos came out blurred. I did get these with the automatic setting though:

I'm loving this camera, as you can probably tell, but I think I may look for a course or something at night school. I know they were doing some a couple of years ago. Must have a look next term. All the online stuff seems to concentrate on DSLR cameras.
OK! That's it for tonight - off to watch some drama thing on the Beeb.
Speak soon. Jude. x