Sunday, 28 February 2010

Another week over
Can't believe another week has gone. March already! Been a busy week... Maggie has officially retired at work. It will be strange without her around. Two new staff members at the start of the summer season! Oh, joy!
Have had more snow this week too.... Last Sunday had to get Helena and Weez out to get me from home.... not because I couldn't drive in the snow but because other drivers couldn't - got out to the main road to find a dozen vehicles "parked" on the hill (up and down) and couldn't get through.... :-(
Have some photo's somewhere but blowed if I can find them..... will post when I locate them - wondering if I haven't even downloaded them to the computer yet!
So. Maggie retired on Thursday and about 12 of us went out for a meal after work. She loved her pressie and her mini-book. The meal was good for the price (one of these 2 for the price of 1 places, hence the surprise).
Friday went to one of the other visitor centres and picked up some great ideas for displays, events, etc.... just got to try to persuade other people that they are good ideas for our VC!
Actually my weekend off so went up to check on the caravan yesterday and did some shopping too, which leaves Monday free for me to do what I want, for a change! Yay! :-D
That's it for tonight. Speak soon.

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Been away for the weekend
Been down to London for the weekend with Maggie and Helena. Went to see We will Rock You on Saturday night. Can thoroughly recommend it. Entertaining, funny, a good evening.

This is the three of us in front of the Charlie Chaplin statue in Leicester Square - we "accosted" some guy to take this for us - Helena suggested we look around for someone who couldn't run as fast as us, just in case they decided they liked the look of my camera!!! It took us 2 or 3 minutes to stop laughing and start looking, and then this old guy walked toward us!!! hehehe.

Introduced Maggie to the V&A and the British museum..... don't think she was very impressed though! :-D She wasn't even very impressed with this..... This is the roof as you walk into the British Museum. The round building is the new (ish) Reading Room and I love the whole "old Victorian classical with new contemporary"!

We all liked this though... After we'd got our tickets for the show we wandered towards the museum and into China Town (at the Chinese New Year). All the streets were decorated like this and there was a lovely atmosphere. Very pretty, all the different coloured lanterns - although we were a little disappointed that they weren't lit up when we walked back this way after the theatre.

The show was at the Dominican and we were in the Dress Circle. Actually we had a very good view of the stage and I preferred this to the theatre when we went to see Dirty Dancing and were sat close to the front. This is the inside - before the show started - cameras are banned inside, but I figured no-one was going to mind beforehand. It's probably only so that you go and buy the expensive merchandise afterwards - £25 for a t-shirt??? Don't think so.... :-)
We stayed at Zoe's and most of our walking must have been from her flat to the tube station - and back again! Over 17,000 steps on Saturday according to the little gadget, and I think we did more than that on Friday! Whew! Need a week to recover from the weekend..
Anyway, it was great to go off for the weekend and not worry about anything except which show to go and see.... Intended going to see Mamma Mia but it's sold out from now until forever.... Happy with our choice though. Perhaps take Rodge to see it?
OK. It's late. Time for bed. Not working tomorrow - it being Monday - but things to do in the morning.
Back soon. xx

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Finished first month of a challenge!
I decided to have a go at a challenge set by Shimelle - and - even though I have never done anything like this before. It's a long time since I've done an scrap pages and hope that this is going to kick-start me again, to find time for me..... Anyway! Here are the first four pages....

This page is a collection from January - receipts collected to remind me of the month, and includes Sainsbugs weekly shop, B&Q and Wickes for plaster and tools and bus tickets because I had to go to work on the bus during the snow so that Rodge could have the car......

The next two are divided page protectors that fit a 4x6 photograph or anything else that you fancy. I deliberately left an empty one so that when they are all in the scrapbook you get a peep of the last page....

The final page is the focus for the month and I chose the fact that we have actually made a start on ridding the kitchen of Artex. Yuk stuff. I'm really surprised that i actually made a half decent job of plastering. I love the big prima flowers.
Ordered them thinking the were the smaller ones, but just loved these and used them on the first and last pages in an attempt to tie it all together.

That's all for now. Speak soon. xx

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Don't expect anything from anyone, then you won't be disappointed when it doesn't happen..... xx

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Oh no! Not moooore snow?
No pictures today. Just wanted to record that it has snowed AGAIN... :-( Enough already. Stop now. Cold or rain, no problem. But snow or wind (or too hot) and you can forget it. I'm hibernating until it's all gone.
S'all for now. See you when the weather is playing fair... xx

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Scut file to share
Been working some more on the retiring word book for Maggie and really hope she likes it. Going to share some pictures and the file, so long as I can figure out 'googledocs'! :-)
Here's a couple of photo's:

I think this is the link for the Scut2 file for the word book - but you never know!
Click HERE for the scut file

OK that's it for tonight. Speak soon.

Monday, 1 February 2010

Back to work tomorrow! :-(

Oh well! I guess it has to be... Done lots of stuff but nothing important this last week and it's been great. If only I could win the lottery then I could give up work.... someone told me I needed to buy a ticket first though, so that's not going to happen. :-D
Completed the word book I have been making for Maggies
retirement and I'm quite pleased with it. Here's a couple of photo's.... As usual I have used loads of ribbons - I lurve ribbons! There are also a few photographs of her inside and I'll need to grab some more tomorrow at work.

Florence has followed me around all week, driving me nuts - everytime I turn round - there she is. But when she DID lie down I set her off again by laughing out loud! Weeeeeell, I mean... Look....

If she got any closer she'd have been in the fire - and the odd thing was that this day was one of the warmest this week.. (when I say warm it was still brass monkey weather, but not as bad as it had been).

Anyway, that's it for now. Off to check UKScrappers to see if Shimelle has put up the instructions for the challenge yet, and then bed-time.

Back soon. xx