Tuesday, 27 March 2012

The internet!

Why is it? Whenever or wherever I am leaving a comment on a blog, only about 10% of them are actually saving? It doesn't matter whether I am making a comment on a blog using Blogger, WordPress or Typepad the comment just doesn't save!? It is so frustrating! It's not so bad if you are just leaving a comment to say you love something or Oh no, that's sad, but when you leave a long comment (Yeah! I know I waffle so maybe it's not such a bad thing sometimes :-D ) it's really, really annoying!I've tried signing in before I go blog-hopping through my favourites, I've tried signing in only if I want to comment - makes no difference. Any ideas, anyone?

The other thing that seems to have hit the fan this week is Pinterest. I have a Pinterest account, with about 12 things pinned. LOL.  I've always gone back to the original place before I pinned, and found it really freaky when it was repinned within 5 or 10 minutes. And then all this with the Terms and Conditions....... I seriously thought maybe I should just go back to saving links in my favourites. Anyway, someone asked a question about the T&C's on UKS this week. I commented, and added that I felt a bit freaked.... I think I upset/offeneded some people, which certainly wasn't my intention; but a couple of people very kindly explained a couple of things about how it all works, and I think now I understand it better..... I'm hooked!!! Wow! I had no idea! Now I don't need the "Dummies guide to Pinterest"...... But what did interest me is that everything on there has a "repin" button, and yet Pinterest T&C's were saying that if you used it you were a very, very naughty girl and if someone sued you for copyright you'd be on your own! WTF? But then I (and I presume everyone with a Pinterest account?) got an email stating a change in the T&C's. Now I've not read them properly yet so don't know what's changed other than what the email prĂ©cis stated, but I think providing I always go back to the original post for something I'm happy with pinning stuff; if someone decides to repin from me? I think that's up to them, if they are happy with that. Am I wrong? I don't know, but I do know it's easier than the great long list of favourites I've got, when I can never find anything. Until I can figure out a way of doing something similar to Pinterest but on my own hard drive, for my own personal use, I'm going to keep using it.

On a lighter note: the last few mornings the birds have been making an awful racket...... And here's why:

It's a cat in the tree. Look:

He nearly fell out this morning, so don't know if he's going to try again. He teases Alphie on a regular basis by walking along the top of the fence, or sitting on the greenhouse or shed roof. Cheeky cat!
Speak soon. Jude.x

Tuesday, 13 March 2012


Knitting was finished on Saturday, but I've been sewing it up. It didn't actually take too long, but I've not been well, hence 2 days to sew up! No buttons on it, but I'm going to leave those for Z to find..... she can be really fussy! LOL. Here it is:

 It's a loooong time since I really hand knitted anything other than big, thick, chunky yarn so I'm really pleased with this. Hope Z is! This wool is an expensive Rowan wool and has already been started as six other cardigans/sweaters before it finally landed on my lap, so I think she'll be happy with the fact it has actually been made into something.

It was also my brothers' birthday a couple of weeks ago and we were invited over for lunch. As money has been so tight I thought I'd make some cakes for everyone, so had a marathon baking session. Cupcakes was going to be easiest with my brothers...... :-) They'd have had the tape measure out making sure one didn't get a bigger piece than the other - yes. They are adults. It was a 50th birthday were talking about here; but they make me laugh so much!!!! Anyway, here are the cakes finished:
Even though I say so myself - they tasted good. Didn't look brilliant but it's a long time since I've had the piping bag out.......
This is the mess I made in the kitchen though; what a shame I had to clean it up! lol

 Ha! It doesn't look as messy in the photos as I know it really was - believe me I make a mess when I cook; but at least I don't use every cooking utensil in the house, like R does! ;-)
It's late so that's it for today. Speak soon
Thanks for dropping by.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Good news at last!

R has called the DVLA today and been told his licence is in the post - complete with his C+E category! (Class 1) at last! It's only taken 5 months; will have to be renewed annually; but a much better chance of getting a job now. But gotta love agencies. R has been told on several occasions that once he has the licence back, the agency can have him working the next day. Yeah! Right! Good job I've never believed them or I'd be back on the downwards spiral now....... :-p Right. Off to update his CV. lol. Jude.x