Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Missing mojo!

Just can't craft! :-( Apologies to those of you who keep popping by, but I have no idea what to make..... My mojo has gone AWOL! I sit at my desk and have no idea what I want to do, let alone how to do it.
Even had a couple of weeks off work (use it or lose it was the message regarding my annual leave....) but still no mojo! I have tried all the usual - looking online at "page maps"; blog hopping; books from both my shelves and the library. If anyone has any ideas then please help........? x
Here are some photos though - still carry the camera everywhere...

Pancakes...... mmmm! Love pancakes, and it HAS to be lemon and sugar. No other way.!

Silly Alphie..... we discovered he likes bubbles. LOL. Here he is dunking his head trying to catch some! So cute - but the water had ben in there all winter, and now he's a smelly cute dog.
And finally...... This lovely little lady is back. My baby is happy - but excuse the big hole in the wall behind them - the kitchen is STILL an on-going project:-)

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Provocraft cutting off their noses?

Wow! Provocraft have successfully stopped (I think) a third party selling a programme that allows the Cricut to cut any font, and make your own design.... now they are going after the makers of SCAL.... C'mon Provocraft! You are a big company? Be the bigger person here - work WITH these people, eh? It all seems to have kicked off on the Cricut forum again  - gotta loves those people... they all have this great machine, but insult each other like there's no tomorrow!  Won't be there for long - til Monday morning their local time I guess, but here's the link at the moment.... Cricut forum_
Anyway! My point here is - PC make your programme compatible with my Mac and I wouldn't need SCAL. But more importantly... if we are breaking your "rules" by using these programmes, and all these women are so indignant about other people using them, why the f*** are you using Spellbinders, quikcutz, sizzix, etc dies in your f***ing cuttlebugs. Oh! Is that a different thing? Or doesn't it apply to dies? Or did you just not think about it? Downloading a music album from the internet without paying for it IS stealing, using a third party programme on a computer (which is what the Cricut is) is NOT.
OK Rant over, I just wish these people would engage their brains before they opened their mouths... :-D
Speak soon.

Friday, 4 March 2011

Some photo's

Thought I'd just share some of what I've been up to this week......

Signs of Spring at last. These have been out for a couple of weeks and the shoots you can see coming through are all up and flowering now.

I just want to sing the Monty Python "Lumberjack" song ever time I see Paul in the Chainsaw PPE; and here he is posing for me - even let me sing a little bit to him! :-) 
And who, exactly, does do all the work around here? Looks like "Weez" here...?

And here's my lumberjack again.

Blue crocuses.... Again, they are all flowering now. Have I said - I love crocuses? (Mmmmmm? Maybe this time last year when I "did" the yellow ones to death! LOL. x
Aw! Alphie. Plum tuckered out? As usual. He often sleeps like this - or further up with all legs straight out, as though he is standing - or has been taxidermied (is that even a word?) and fallen over! He looks this scruffy within 15 minutes of having a bath or brush. Don't hink he's growing much until we see photo's like this when he's obviously not fitting on Rodge's lap as easily as he did.

That's all for now. Working this weekend so won't be doing any scrapping again. :-(
Speak soon. Thanks for looking.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Rubbish at crafting.......

..... because I've become a bit obsessed with my Family Tree! It's going fairly well considering I can't afford to actually use anything but the Free to view sites at the moment. My Granny was married to a soldier before she married Grandad and I think I've "found" him...... It's very sad because it seems that, if I'm following it right, her first husband died 8 months after they married on the first day of the Battle of the Somme. How sad must that have been for her?
I can't wait until I can afford to pay for some more information because there are certainly some stories out there - like Granny's family seemingly moving all around the South of England before finally ending up in Manchester. One side of the family have always (and still do) lived in the same town. The other side is a bit mixed but never very far away, other than Granny.
I'm loving the research and crafting is taking a back seat, so if you're here looking for pretty stuff - Sorry! Normal service will resume when I get withdrawal symptoms from missing the card, glue and pretties! :-) Thanks for dropping by. Back soon.