Friday, 9 November 2012

Another update

Hello there.
Just a short update; confirming I'm still alive! lol

Still trying to eat healthily. Haven't lost much weight this last month - only a couple of pounds.

I've been feeling very down. Sometimes life just stinks, doesn't it? My nieces partner has just found out she has a Brain tumour, and secondaries in her lungs. J remains very positive, so we are all hopeful of a good outcome. She's just completed a course of radiotherapy and is exhausted. (As R. went through this a few years ago I know how tiring it is.) She starts chemotherapy in a couple of weeks. If you have a God, please pray for them both? Please keep them in your thoughts if you don't. Thank you.

We're also due to find out this week if our Single Status appeal has been successful or not - and we are thinking not! :-( I don't feel I can carry on if we aren't successful, so have started looking for another job - although maybe it's time to move on anyway. Perhaps they are doing me a favour?

I finally got an appointment with my GP. My blood pressure is fairly high - it's always been "spot on" so that was a bit of a shock, but not really surprising..... I've agreed to go back on all my tablets, providing I could have a statin that wasn't Simvastatin! I didn't expect her to agree to that (it's the cheapest option for Statins, so all surgeries prefer it.. :p ) Anyway, she did agree. We also had the usual "do you smoke, excercise, drinks, eat healthily, relax" - "yes - between 5 and 10 a day, not as much as I should, none, not as much as I should, no". :-D So I agreed to try my best to keep it to 5 a day, attempt more exercising, remain virtually tee-total (not difficult, I rarely drink), eat more of my 5-a-day, and take the anti-depressants. :-( Ah well! Such is life - back to rattling, I guess. This time I'm determined not to put the weight on again, which means that I will HAVE to do more exercising - one of the side effects of one of the tablets is weight gain - I will not go there again. I hate that I let myself get to this size. I will lose it before P. gets married. I will.

Took this when we were away a few weeks ago - what was he watching so intently?.......


OK. That's it for now. Might take the week off work next week, so if I stray out on any walks I'll take the camera. Off to a party next week and I must remember the camera then - my family do get a bit silly when we all get together. lol :D
Speak soon. Thanks for calling by.