Saturday, 31 December 2011

Good Riddance 2011

I didn't want 2011 to leave us without a final post. I can say with all honesty that this has been the worst year of our married life. Even more so than the years that we have suffered serious ill-health.
For 2012 I am going to choose "one little word" (is that Ali Edwards?); I have thought about several including positive, change and happy. Narrowed it down to positive and change, because happy can't be guaranteed, can it? Now when I think positive I also think happy, so have ruled that out too.
Change. My word for 2012. I need to change everything about what I became this year. I need to be happy. But I also need to be organised, positive, healthy and ME! I lost my way, and sad as it is, because I lost my way I think DH and DS1 have lost theirs too. So I'm going to cut the word out in vinyl and put it on the wall in the kitchen so we'll all see it whenever we go in there.
I have some ideas where I'm going but need to formulate a proper plan because I want change for the whole family. And it also needs to be Baby Steps, because change can't be an overnight thing, can it?

Some things I have no control over. Work; I have little control over this - it is what it is, but I can change my attitude and try to make it a bit more interesting. DVLA; no control what-so-ever! They will send R's licence back, with or without the Class 1, in their own time and make their own decision about his eligibility. What we can do is keep looking for 7.5 tonne permanent jobs, and investigate other things that R could do. Home; is what I can change. Little steps to cleaning, tidying and organising, clearing clutter, etc. Making it a happier place to come home to after work. DS1 - I need to help him look for work that will fit in with his college. DS2 - I'm hoping he will come home from visiting his GF in the States with a better frame of mind, and I can help him with some voluntary work which could lead to paid employment or even going to college to get A levels so he can look seriously at University.

Watch this space! Feel free to give advice. Wish us all the best for 2012. And anyone willing to pop by tonight and see in the New Year for us because we are all crap at it..... :-D

Happy New Year to you all. I sincerely hope 2012 is all you want it to be.

Speak soon. Jude.x