Sunday, 10 June 2012

I am still here........

..... just busy with work and stuff.
I've been card making, baking yummy cakes, trying to keep up with cleaning (well, just trying not to let it get any worse really!), making tea (dinner) a lot more often, reading, knitting, working and sleeping! :-)

R. has had a fair bit of work; still not permanent or full-time, but enough to keep us going and a bit spare. Hence the meal-cooking more often. I hate having to make the decision. R. will eat anything so long as it's English in origin, M. will eat virtually anything but preferably with the ability to put grated cheese over the top, I'm a bit fussy, but willing to try anything at least once and P. has turned into an even fussier adult than I am! It's hard doing one meal that suits us all! Quite often I just leave P to it.... LOL

My work isn't getting any better but at least I've had some more interesting stuff to do; I love the interpretation part of my job and have redesigned a leaflet into a poster, am in the process of designing another leaflet, and a map, organising boat trips, and attempting to design an all-singing, all-dancing spreadsheet that a totally inept manager can understand (I don't think that is possible but I'm trying! :-D) We are short-staffed at the moment so leave is going to be a bit difficult, and only if it can be fitted in with everyone else. Luckily we all work well together and are prepared to do that. So! I've booked the last week of June off. Determined to go away in the caravan. Anyone know where I can get a caravan cleaned in North east Derbyshire? Seriously.... I can't reach the roof and the boys don't have the same standards as me, and it drives me mad when they don't do it properly! :-) I have a lovely hand-wash place I take the car, but when I ask about the caravan they think I'm asking about a van! :-) I think they are Lithuanian and I never seem to get either of the couple that can speak good English - I did think about taking a photo of it with me, but then thought that was a bit rude, so never have! lol.

I have a lovely camera that I don't use often enough so am attempting my own version of this. I don't have an instagram account so will post the photo's on here once I download them rather than open an account. I seem to have a bit of a fear about all these social networking sites - I "do" Facebook, but refuse to upgrade to Timeline and only have 'Friends' seeing anything, I have a Pinterest account but have only 'pinned' half a dozen things. I do have a Smart phone, but don't FB or Twitter or anything on it! What am I like!!!! Love technology, but hate the resulting intrusion into my life! LOL
I'm looking for a small camera that I can stick in my work trousers or jacket pocket, but don't want to spend too much on it. Any suggestions?

Anyway! That's it for now. Will share the photos once I download them and get some time. I will try to blog more often.... well, I promise to TRY! :-)
Speak soon. Jude.x