Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Snowing a bit......

Well! Actually. It's been snowing a lot. Alphie thinks it's great though... I'm just not going to get to work tomorrow without 4x4 help! Still! At least the roads will be quiet once the 4x4 help arrives.... (Thanks guys!)
Here are some Alphie photos!

Thanks for looking, but I wish you'd leave a comment and let me know where you are from?

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Photos I meant to share

Forgot to share these - our new office carpet!!!! :-D

Health and Safety out the window for once!

Cut beautifully round the table legs - so they don't wobble apparently!

AND - I have to lift the drawers if I want to get in the bottom drawer.........
Thanks G - I really did cry, I was laughing so much

And the one day the sky was sort of clear in the last couple of weeks I managed these.......

Relections in the Chesterfield Canal
Thanks for looking. xxx

Weekend away

No crafting this weekend because R and me are in Scarborough. We treated ourselves to an early Xmas present to ourselves, left the kids, dogs and caravan at home, rented an apartment and are spending the weekend in Scarborough. It's cold and wet, but the view from said apartment more than makes up for that! 

View of South Bay at 7am

..... and the Harbour at 7am

And South Bay at about 3pm on Saturday.

The apartment is lovely too. Very clean and modern, with white walls, on "living room", glass basin in the bathroom (!) wooden floors, etc, etc. No room for crafts though, so wouldn't do me for too long - and it'd soon be untidy if my lot lived here... :-D It's just nice to get away for a while and not do anything much. Back soon. xx

Monday, 15 November 2010

New toy!

Look what I got...............  It's an Adana letterpress. I loooove the feel of printed type and hope to be able to include it in future card making and maybe even scrapbooking (although that would be time consuming!) Who knows! I may even eventually become good enough to even make a bit of money from it.... :-)
Got it on ebay - been looking for weeks but all the pretty, totally working ones went waaaaaaaay above my budget, so started looking for ones that needed some work. We got it home about 7 tonight and Matt had most of it working by 9. It doesn't have any rollers at the moment, so that has to be the next purchase, and from there it's getting some different type/fonts to use - the guy I got it from gifted loads of other bits and bobs, including ink; so once I have rollers I will be looking to make some Christmas cards maybe. It's also a bit smaller than I was hoping for, but that just throws up a challenge to me. OK. That's it for now - off to look for rollers for it. Thanks for looking. Please leave a comment if you visit my blog - I'm starting to get a complex about everyone who looks but no-one leaving a comment.... :-(  Jude. xxx

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Excellent service

Just a quick post to say that if you are looking for a recommendation for an on-line craft shop then Sarah's Cards is the one to use. I ordered on Saturday night, got an email yesterday to let me know the order was dispatched and it was waiting for me when I got home. But... and here is the bit that I loved..... the order was wrapped in tissue paper and there was a "Happy Thanksgiving" tag and a little chewy lollie in the box too. What service. Sometimes when I order I feel like I am doing them a favour by ordering from them. Sarah's Cards have restored my faith in customer service. Thanks you. xx

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Finally finished!

So I am finally up to date with Document:2010 on UkScrappers and "introduced" to me by the brilliant Shimelle on her blog. I did get quite a way behind and thought about not bothering - especially when things were not good, but Shimelle did a 'catch up' hints day on her blog - AND I CAUGHT UP!!! Yay!

Anyway! Here are October's pages:

My "receipt" page doesn't actually have any receipts again - Sainsbug receipts aren't really exciting, are they? And haven't done any other shopping.

I love the collage pages, but these are the last of the photo pages, so need to get some more ordered - been putting it off because of their price, but if I want to complete this project I'll have to go for it!

And it's true - I do love Autumn!

But here are the things I am most proud of..... Shawl and bonnet for the lovely Jennie and Alan's soon to be born baby Alice (unless they change their mind about the name!) It's years since I knitted anything, and if I restarted this once, I pulled it all off the needles and started again about a dozen times; just couldn't get it right. In the end I used a crochet hook to do the first couple of rounds - oh! Yes! It was knitted on circular needles, starting on 4 double-ended needles! Blimey! What was I thinking. But here it is finally..... I hope she likes it, and uses it now! :-D
Now all I have to do is get them in the post before the poor baby is born. And the bonnet? Mmmmm. Well I couldn't find a pattern that I liked, so decided crochet would be OK, since there is some around the edge of the shawl; but then couldn't find a pattern; so this is totally made up as I went along - if it didn't look right, I just pulled out the stitches and tried again.
We've had a (temporary, I hope) carpet off-cut "fitted" in our new office space at work...... I laughed so much when I saw it, I cried!!!! Graeme has taken a piece of carpet, cut it up and fitted it around the desk legs! In 7 pieces! At my desk I either sit with one chair leg on the cement floor and the others on the carpet, or all on the carpet and my knee keep hitting the computer CPU!!! The desk opposite me has the chair on the carpet, but whoever sits there still has their feet on the cement floor - which was the whole idea of having the carpet off-cut in the first place.... Oh Grae; you made my day - photo's to follow because it's just too funny not to share with the world!
None of my wonderful men have found jobs yet.... they get more despondent every day I think - the longer it takes the harder it is to keep looking?
Have been making some craft stuff for Judith to try to sell at her Church's craft fair. If it goes OK I'm going to try Folksy and see if I can earn a bit of money to pay for craft stuff for me. Don't expect to be a huge success, but it would be nice to earn some from actually doing something I enjoy!? I've also been trying to find a Letterpress to buy, but the only place to get them is on ebay and they end up going for soooo much money. If only I could find a free one on Freecycle or something! :-D
That's it for now. Speak soon. x