Monday, 4 March 2013

What am I up to?

Hello there.
Here we are, into March already! Where has the year gone? I guess I've been busy. Work certainly has! We've lost our appeal, so as from next month my wage will drop by almost 10%. We have been given a "role profile" that is at least one below (but probably two) our actual job..... but it's OK because HR say it's OK to work at a Grade above ours, as part of our development.... What!!! I can "develop" into my own job? Well, that's good of them.... Needless to say, I am looking for a new job. It's not the money (although that is going to sting) is that we are now feeling totally devalued, undervalued, who gives a sh*&........ Oh well!!! Life goes on. I have been doing a lot of what I enjoy over the winter - interpretation. I'm taking the lead on developing an Audio Post that will go outside the visitor centre. And loving the research, the script writing, everything about it. Also working on three panels for one of our Nature Reserves.
Talking of the visitor centre..... this is it last week:

You could almost believe spring was on the way.... except it was so darned cold! :-) Not as cold as the middle of December though: Took this when I was leaving for work; and this wasn't the coldest morning - just forgot to get photos!!! lol
What next? Oh! Forgot to share this photo of Santa! I know Santa, you know.... Personally! He lives in the same house as me! How lucky am I? (Actually, not very because he's useless at choosing presents for his wife.... good job he loves her, and she him!) LOL

The middle of January saw a bit more snow here. This view is very close to our home; in 20 years time it could well have a High Speed train, on a viaduct, included in the view! How can anyone think it's a good idea to save 30 minutes on the trip to Sheffield by spoiling views such as this? 

It's going obliterate a mile of restored canal, and 3 miles of proposed renovation, as well as 2 miles of Greenway. It will also pass within feet of the new Canal Basin built 14 months ago, with a "maintenance depot" sat about 10 yards from the Basin.......

This lock gate, which cost £32,000 for the set, could well be the last ones to be fitted if the HS2 does go ahead! :-o

What else? Well.... my lovely kids...... We went to a 50th birthday party at the end of last year. Went to my nieces beforehand, to all meet up first. They thought it was a good idea to put rollers in Philip's   - and he didn't argue! Crazy as always. My younger niece is in the peach top, the other three are my lot!

We don't get together very often, but when we do, they are all still experts at trying to wind each other up (although, you see the Kinder Choc on the counter top? The niece - left back, bought her "arch enemy, the daughter - left front the chocolate because the daughter can't get it in any of the shops near to her home. They used to fight like cat and dog! Who'd have thunk! LOL
Well, that's it..... Oh! No! Saved the best 'til last........... :-D

The Visa has been granted! We are physically waiting for the actual paperwork now; any day! My lovely soon to be daughter in law asked if I'd make the invitations..... we think this is the final version! :-)

Will write more about it next time; suffice to say dates and venues are decided, so just have to get the paper ordered and get printing!

Thanks for calling by. Speak soon.