Thursday, 20 September 2012


Hi there.
Just popping by to let you know how my weight loss attempts are doing. I'm not "dieting" as such, just trying to eat more sensibly. Well the regular updates haven't happened, have they? :D But the weight loss is happening..... \o/ Yay!! I've lost half a stone. Obviously not brilliant, but I'm happy with that. I've virtually cut out bread - I have Ryvita at lunchtime, with various toppings, always at least one tomato and a yoghurt. It fills me up nicely; sometimes I crave chocolate in the afternoon for some reason, and occasionally succumb, but very rarely I'm happy to report. I still have potatoes/rice with my evening meal but have cut down on the amount I eat, preferring to fill up with veg - ha! Hark at me - sounding like I know what i'm talking about! ;D It's working - who cares! LOL
Some photos now:

Ducklings on the canal: born much, much later than normal, this was the third brood for this Mum. Have no idea how many of them have survived though because I haven't seen her around for a while.

This photo was taken at the beginning of August.

Next up are a couple of photos from our few days away in the caravan. It was really nice to get away. We did nothing. No, really..... Not a thing other than a bit a fresh food shopping on our second day there. Lots of walks with Alphie; lots of sitting just looking at the River (Trent - the site we were on is bordered by the Trent) and sunsets; lots of reading (3 chick Lit books in 4 days) and just general lazing around. Alph is sooooo funny with the football. One of these days I'll video him and put it on here....

And the River view from the site - pretty!

I've saved the best 'til last: I got up to go to work on the morning of 18th August to this................

Yep! My lovely son had left a message for us. The very lovely soon-to-be American daughter in law received notification that their Visa Application had been accepted. Still a way to go. He got his letter about a month later asking him to complete several (rather confusing) forms and gather several bits of "evidence" (mainly I.D. stuff) and then send them off. As it's going to take about a month for all that evidence to come through, they decided he should go over to LA for 4 weeks while they wait.
When I dropped him off at the coach it suddenly hit me that it was the last time ever that I would be seeing him off like that (obviously when he finally goes I'll take him to Heathrow so I can cry and sob in public with a much larger audience than I'd have at Chesterfield coach station) Which is almost what I did.... as I drove home I was fighting back tears! Soppy cow that I am.
It still isn't a certainty but we can't see any reason why it shouldn't be approved, so it looks like a March wedding in LA. Which brings us full circle back to my weight loss; and the fact that I am now actually trying to lose weight but have longer to lose more, with a bit of luck.
Thanks for calling by.
Speak soon. Jude.x