Tuesday, 22 February 2011

I know I said.....

.....that I would craft yesterday; and I didn't! Rubbish or wot? This weekend. Honest! (But I won't promise.... good intentions, really want to, but you never know what's going to happen between now and then!)
Anyway! What I did do was find another "branch" on the family tree. I have another surname to add. It is getting harder now though. I certain that the latest addition is correct, but until finances improve and I can buy a couple of birth/marriage certificates I can't be certain. It's very frustrating. The box that Big Bro 'gave' me has been wonderful though. I wouldn't have got anywhere (well, be honest here - I wasn't getting anywhere because I had no idea that Granny was a widow when she married Grandad. How sad)
I would like to organise them properly and find someway to protect them before I give them back to him - I will photocopy them all for my own use, but to stop them falling apart anymore what can I do? Please let me know if you've done anything like that.
Speak soon. xxx

Saturday, 19 February 2011

I don't do football but.....

....... if I did I'd be down the pub tonight celebrating! :-D
Manchester United (Premier League) played Crawley Town (Non-league!) in the whatever round of the FA Cup today. OK so Crawley didn't win the match, but Unted only won 1-0. I think that is an absolutely rubbish result for United considering any one of their players probably cost more than the entire Crawley team together. So very well done Crawley.
And then Chesterfield FC won 2-0 against Lincoln in a league match. What's that? 8 points ahead now?
Still no crafting to report. I'm so going to try to get something done on Monday - my day off - because I am missing it.
And finally... it bloody snowed this morning!!!! Luckily it had all melted by 11am! :-)
OK That's it. Speak soon. xx

Monday, 7 February 2011


So excited............ I decided, after my lovely Aunt passed away not long ago, that I needed to trace my Family Tree. My Mum's side hasn't been too much trouble - everything just seemed to slip into place; even without the trawl of the Records Office that I will have to do at some stage. My Dad's side I just couldn't get beyond my Dad's birth,and I knew I was going to have to buy his birth certificate.
I went to visit the Big Bro today - it being my day off, and I was telling my sister-in-law about it when my brother came in."Oh" he said "maybe there'll be something in that box?" Eh? What box?

Only a box FULL of birth, marriage and death certificates........ some go back as far as 1845! Photo's of my Dad as a baby. Photo's of Granny and Grandad. Photo's of me and my siblings that I hadn't seen before. My brother had no idea what he had! :-) They were in a box in his garage because their house had recently had a lot of work, and it's all very damp. Lots of the certificates are falling apart because of their age. I need to research how to preserve them before I give them back. I will photocopy as much as I can, of course, but if anyone has any idea of how to look after the originals, please let me know.
Be back soon. Jude.x