Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Wednesday whinge!

Not really! Just sounded good :-)  Finally finished the March pages for the Document 2010 challenge. Still not sure about it, but I'm not going to change anything now! Here they are:

Matt went to see a solicitor today, and she said he has a good case so we are confident of clearing his name at the very least. Lots of other things said and discovered, but I think it ought to stay in my head rather than be written!
Back soon. xx

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Tuesday Ramblings!

So Matt still not heard from G! Are we surprised? Nope!
I decided today that I was going to work to my contract.... WOW!!! I like this job. Why aren't I doing it? :-) Anyway, late morning both H and D told me they had spoken to G who'd told them she'd been told she wasn't to say anything to Matt. Mmmm. There is a difference between not saying anything and not speaking to, surely? Or is that just me? If a friend said ".... blah, blah, blah, but don't say anything to Tom/Dick/Harry, I wouldn't hear that as.... "...... Don't TALK to Tom/Dick?/Harry"  Who would?
So late afternoon G turned up and tells me this. I said I was disappointed that that was all our relationship meant, and it was best not to mention it again. She STILL hasn't spoken to Matt. Claimed she tried on both phones, and Matt did have a missed call on his mobile - which was in his bedroom while he was downstairs - if only she'd tried the home phone, which he was sat next to!
The lies continue...... Similar shit. Different person. I always remember Nanny Mag saying she'd rather know a thief than a liar, 'cos a liar could get you hung.
No longer angry... Don't get mad, get even. xxxx

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Couple of photos I forgot to share....

The first photo shows Florence playing with one of her toys. not very often she is this playful, but likes to tease us when she is! She looks so cute like this! 

Here she is teasing Rodge with the toy!  It's the only one she has left with a squeak after Poppy ate them all.....

And this is the infamous Poppy! That look on her face that says "haha. I'm on Dad's knee and you aren't....." The odd thing is that the two of them don't fight or anything... they have the occasional spat, but nothing really nasty. And they sleep side by side in the back porch at night when Poppy is visiting. 

And the final photo proves to all my family and friends that I DO know how to use the iron - just choose not to unless I have to! :-D
And since I am now traumatised beyond belief, that's it for today. Speak soon. xxx

Friday, 16 April 2010

Take that SpongeBob!

It was Philip's birthday at the end of March. I always buy them a birthday cake. I did used to make them and loved doing it but I just don't have time these days! Anyway! The rule with cakes is that on your birthday you cut it and share it with the family; anything that is left (depends on the size of the cake I buy!!) is yours to eat or share as you see fit....... 'tis OK - they all share with Mummy!! :-D Here is Philip cutting his cake......

See the evil look on his face? He wanted to really hurt SpongeBob! He thinks that whoever came up with the idea of a sponge with a face, living under the sea, and who takes SHOWERS (for goodness sake) should be tortured - preferably slowly and painfully. I only bought this one for him because I just knew what his reaction would be.....  Sorry Philip but I couldn't resist! Love you. Hope you enjoyed your birthday.
Speak soon. xxx