Monday, 25 October 2010

Birthdays, best friends and fires

It was my birthday on Friday.  With things being like they are at home I knew I wouldn't be getting any presents, but I still had a lovely weekend: On Friday Helena came in to work with a lovely bunch of flowers for me. (They are beautiful - photo to follow!)
When I got home Jude, Pete and Mike had arrived. They'd been on holiday near Berwick and were going to spend the night here with us. So we spent Friday night having a good old gossip about people we both know/knew, messing about with crafty stuff and Ju persuading me that if I make some things up she'll put them on a stall at the craft fair at her church and try to sell them for me.
On Saturday we spent the morning gossiping and crafting again (;-D) and then Helena came and picked us up to meet Maggie in town for lunch - they'd been trying to get me out for lunch for ages, but hadn't been able to find a day that suited us all. It was lovely to get three of my very 'bestest friends ever' all together - I love you guys.... and thanks for lunch - Zoe will be very impressed when I suggest we go there next time she's up! lol
It has got VERY cold suddenly. Thought we were going to run out of coal last week, but got a delivery just in time. I love getting up in the morning, chucking coal on the fire and turning it up to let it roar away for a while. Just a shame I have to go out after that, but it does set me up for the day!
OK. That's it for now. Will post photos later in the week. Jude.x

Thursday, 21 October 2010

More crafting and some fun

Part of Maggies retirement present was a voucher for a "triple Whammy" at Magna in Rotherham. She finally booked a day and Helena and I went with her (obviously!) Basically she was harnessed and attached to a rope and then: Attached to a line a projected a hundred feet horizontally, attached to a rope and projected 100 feet vertically and attached to a rope and allowed to project herself 100 feet vertically!!! LOL She loved it. If you get a chance and have good health - you so have to go! :-)

This is Magna. (Maggie abseiled from the (inside) roof of this building.) It's a great place if you have children - probably between 5 and 11. Any younger and they don't "get" it, and older and they'll be bored, but of course it depends on the child. Not the Triple Whammy obvs - What Magna is about IS children....There are several sections such as earth, fire, water, wind. Each is an interactive explanation of the Elements. For example, in wind you can make music with wind blowing over the top of some tubes filled with liquid. I think adults probably get more out of it than the kids, but it it fun. It's in an old steel works - hence the Elements references.

Isn't this just the cutest thing??? I am a real "Bah! Humbug" until Christmas Eve normally, but this Santa sign is for the canal Trust boat for their Santa trips and I just love Santa's face. I'm going to have a go at cutting some on the Cricut for the windows of the boat, and maybe even a gnome or elf too. :-) 

Forgot to post this. It's from when we went away a few weeks ago - both dogs wanted to sit up with Rodge, so they did! We think Floss was just letting Alphie know that she'd let him up, but just remember who's boss and who's place this actually is...... But don't they look cute?

And finally some cards I made for no particular reason other than being in the mood to craft and wanted to make the most of it:

And why won't photo's go where I want them to go? There is always so much white space..... :-( 
Anyway! Two happy posts in a week, maybe things are looking up here! LOL Thanks for dropping by - do leave a comment and let me know what you think.
Back soon. xxx

Tuesday, 19 October 2010


Feeling happier than last time I posted, but of course, it's my blog and if I want to rant and rave...... Been doing loads of crafting...... especially scrapbook pages for the "Document 2010" on UKS. I had got really behind because I ran out of printer ink, which is so blasted expensive! Anyway, I think I found a fairly cheap source of compatibles (don't ever go for the cheapest because they always turn out to be rubbish!). So I have been printing photos like mad and making scrapbook pages..... here's a small taster; I'm not going to put them all up! :-)

If you look carefully at the green page you can see that the word "May" is embossed. Iused Cuttlebug folders to do that (with my rolling pin 'cos I was too lazy to find all the plates for the Wizard! {shrugs} The red one is the focus page for June. I used the Cricut to cut out the word twice, glued them together - slighty off-centre, and them small foam pads to add them to the page.

Then collage pages for August and September.... I love texture, so when I go for walks - either for work or for me - I am always on the look-out for texture in nature. That's what this page is about. Septembers collage shows Jennies wedding. Had a real problem deciding on Septembers focus because I was sure it was going to be the wedding but then Philip came back with photos from LA..........

...... and suddenly there was competition for September. Sorry Jen and Al. Phil and Steph won!
That's it for now. May post some more later, but need to go and get ready for work. Thanks for looking. Please leave a comment to say you've visited?  Jude.x