Sunday, 25 August 2013

Busy, busy, busy

And not just crafts.....
I've been attempting to make my room "my room"... see, it was still P's room. Everytime I went in there I felt like I was intruding; like I shouldn't be there. Kept expecting P to be there and it wasn't good. So what to do? And on very limited funds...
I had a tin of white paint, so that was the obvious answer - paint the walls white. Then I had a brainwave - add some red acrylic paint and paint one wall pink!!! :o Pink? Yep! Always wanted to do a pink room but Z. was never a pink girl (until she got her own place I might add!!! LOL) I had fancied pink polka dot wallpaper, but the one I really wanted was £25 a roll, and I'd have needed 2 rolls, so that was quickly forgotten. :-(
Then off to the fabric shop where I found some sheer.......... Pink Polka dot fabric!! :-) Yay! I had a plan!
What do you think?

Sorry about the quality of the photos - they're off my phone because my camera has suddenly decided that it no longer wants to work; but you get the idea? The unit there is the 4x2 Ikea Expedit, and the drawers are "new" (to me) and help tidy it up a bit. The wall behind it is the pink one... I really didn't need it because the fabric just makes the whole room look pink.
This is the other side of the window - although it, too, has a curtain now but I don't have a photo of it yet.

You can see the difference in the room shading! This side looks as pink as the other now. That's the 4x4 Expedit by the way. It's not a huge room - it's the second bedroom of the house - and there is a lot packed into it, and still a way to go before I have everything tidy, and in a proper home. But it's mine! :-) Although it will have to be a guest room too; I'm thinking a sofa bed is the way to go for that; and it needs a blind of some sort, at the window, yet. 
I am now worrying that I was using lack of space as my excuse not to craft, but now I have a space, that I just won't want to craft..... :-(  Does that make sense? :-) I do wander up there.... I'm in the process of making a dressing gown - using my current, much loved, 11 year old, falling apart one, as a pattern; so maybe I'll be OK.

I have finished a sock!!! Yay!!!!! This is for a gift. Never made socks before and it's been a nightmare, but now I "get it" and have finished it... yeah! Just one, and the recipient will need two, so better get knitting... Not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but I did it... and here's the proof! lol

And now? Well, the other sock obviously. But we have just heard, at work, that we've been successful for an Arts Grant bid, so in 3 weeks time we are holding an Arts Festival... yep!! My line manager has got 4 weeks to arrange something she has never done before and has had no idea about.... she's learning fast! :-) 
Myself and 3 colleagues have just started up a little crafting evening once a month and are learning felting at the moment, so thought it would be good to make something to display at the festival, so we are doing a "Fairy ring". There will be needle felted toadstools, and a fairy.... Guess who got tasked with the fairy? :-D Yep!!! So now I have less than 3 weeks to attempt something I have never done before... think I'm going to be busy? Trying to decide whether to make do with the "roving" I already have, or make an excuse to go to the shop that sells felting "stuff". It's only open today (that I can go anyway) so it's today or not at all... I could make do, but it would be a run out.... ;-)
Anyway. Regardless of what I decide, I need to get moving. It's turned 10am and I really can't have a pyjama day today. No really, I can't - I promised myself one tomorrow!!!! LOL
Thanks for reading. Speak soon.

Monday, 5 August 2013

This weekend we.....

.... went to the National Memorial Arboretum to see this:

Me and Hubby went to the National Memorial Arboretum this weekend.
Hubby had to go into work for an hour for some training, so I got him to drop me off at Ikea first - how awful was that? I was devastated of course. Having to spend a couple of hours just wandering round on my own. I was very good actually - only spent £30, which must be a record for me. I got some frames for "my" room, a couple of small vases, and some artificial gerberas to put in them. I wandered round the kitchen displays dreaming.. One day we'll have enough to actually finish it, although I'll need new worktops by then! :-(
Anyway. He finished at work and met me in Ikea - luckily because I suddenly realised that I should have brought my side table with me, because my payment card was sat on it! :o Good job he had his! (It's a joint account, so no - he didn't necessarily pay!)
I'd checked Googlemaps while I was having a coffee so had a rough idea of where we were headed. Then I couldn't access the map again once we were on the move. Grrrr.  Anyway, between us we found it.

I'm sorry to report that the only photos I have are the ones I took on my phone - I can't access the camera ones for some reason. I know I need new batteries, but I think I need a new memory card too. Managed a couple of photos of what (for us at least) was the reason we went: The Royal Tank Regiment Memorial.
The Royal Tank Regiment Memorial

It was very moving. Hubby says that this particular model used to be displayed outside one of the camps he was stationed at. A lot of his friends from the Regiment are no longer with us.


Keep telling him it's too early to be growing the beard ready for Santa, but he wants to try for the real one this year! :-) And if we don't find a hairdresser soon I'm going to have to have a go at his hair; it's got so long so quickly!

And then these are sold in the shop there.... I think we need some of these for the visitor centre at Tapton?

I just love them. Was very good and didn't buy one - although I was very tempted! :-)

Yesterday and today I've been busy painting my room. I've given up on the idea of Pink polka dot wallpaper for now - only so I could just get on and do the room. Just the area behind the desk to do now. The desk has been pulled out. We are waiting for a list from P. to tell us what he wants out of the cupboard behind it while we're there!
Almost finished and then I'll take photos and share. maybe I'll even get in there and start crafting now!

Back whenever! :-D  Thanks for coming by.