Thursday, 23 February 2012

Weather photos to share

Thought I'd share these winter photos. It got really cold in January. Ice on the inside of the windows in the utility room!!! Alphie took to sleeping under his blankets at night. And this was his favourite resting place during the day!

Then February saw our first snow this winter. Been lucky this year. After having what was probably the worst area in the country last year, we seem to have missed most of it this year. Been keeping my fingers crossed though. Don't mind cold, don't mind rain, love Spring and Autumn because I don't like it too hot either. Snow is OK so long as this is the worst it gets...

 Isn't this pretty? And yes. It was warm enough to sit out there and have a hot drink.
 Can you believe our regular "die-hard" cyclists were still out in this? Nut cases, the lot of them! :-)
This is where I work of course. I love it. In the middle of town but so peaceful!
What I do hate, weather-wise, is wind. Absolutely. No question. I. Hate. Wind.
Creativity is still there when I have time and my eyes are OK. (Could really do with new glasses - by the evening eyes are tired....) I have finished the left front of the cardigan I showed you last time. REALLY pleased with it because it's got a pocket. Can you believe I have never knitted anything with a pocket before! Not even when I used the knitting machine a lot. And I kept putting off starting it because I thought I was going to really struggle. I kept reading the instructions and just didn't get it. Then came the day I decided I was going to get on and do it. And it was nowhere near as difficult as I expected. Am now up to the pocket placing on the other side. Now if only I could just get going with it. What am I doing instead? Looking on-line trying to decide what to do next!!!! :-o Me bad! Just get on and do it! lol No photo. Just want to finish and do a "Tra-La" for you.
Thanks for reading.
Speak soon. Jude.x