Sunday, 11 July 2010

And Part Three......

So yesterday we had a 'Children's Art and Craft Activity Day'  I don't think any of us really minded that there were only, maybe, a dozen kids turn up!!!! :-D We had great fun! For obvious reasons I can't put photo's of the children on my blog, but here's some photos of the adults!!!!

That splash is Asker in the canal AGAIN! Graeme got a life jacket for her, and insists on showing everyone how it works..... Poor Ask.... she hates the water. Well! She did! I missed it, but about half an hour later when the duck started quacking at her again, she jumped in! And without the life jacket! Don't think Grae gets the life jacket purpose really.... but they do keep us amused!

Jill likes having her photo taken... ;-)

And here's Graeme being a teapot..........No more I can say really! :-D

This proves that Jill doesn't need to avoid the camera... She photos good! Matt came down to help as a volunteer - even though he can't have a paid job with us, he can come down as a volunteer for a children's event???? Ah well!? He did seem to enjoy it. Thanks Matt; just wish you'd been able to be paid, and helped to plan it with me.

And Maggie so enjoys winding him up....... great to see you Mags. Like all the team back together.... Lurch in the vc so we didn't need to worry too much about cover.....

And Helena shows off her little banner that she made. In the photo is Catherine, who has been on work experience with us, and Jill again.

Well three posts in one day is more than enough, so that's it for now.
Back soon - maybe... :-D

Part Two: I CRAFTED!!!!!!

It's been so long. I've actually started on Aprils Document 2010 - printer ran out of ink, and compatible cartridges are over £50 for the full set! Finally found some cheaper, that work, and have gone printing mad!
Anyway, here are some cards I was commissioned to make this weekend - short notice? Dom doesn't know the meaning of the word..... one day is plenty of time for him (and I was at work when he asked!). Anyway, here is what I made on Saturday night:

He wanted something different for a wedding.... thought this was amusing and he loved it.

Next was a birthday card for a 'girl' he knows who is a real girly girl, so I came up with this:

And finally a birthday card for another friend who loves the sea:

More to come..... Jude.x

Lots of stuff!!!

Last weekend we were away in the caravan again. Different site this time, but one we have been to before - just not our favourite. Anyway, here's some photo's:

The only photo I managed to get with Florence looking at the camera! As soon as I turn the camera on - she looks away!!!!

You had to be there; but this stile had me laughing out loud!!!! The little sign with the arrow says "Lift handle and push gate"...... Honestly! Really! I don't remember there being a gate in the three years we've been going to that site, and if there WAS, you think the Notts rangers would have removed the sign when they put the stile in? Or not!!!

The Red 'Sparrows' as Rodge calls them. It was Waddington Air Show this weekend. The camp site was packed with other people who were going to the show. We had seen the "City of Lincoln" Lancaster, on the Saturday, and then just as I was taking Floss for a walk on the Sunday, the Red Arrows flew over.

Lincoln Cathedral in the distance there. Very pretty at night, but I still haven't got the hang of taking photos in the dark, and the ones I did take haven't come out brilliantly.
That's it for this post, but more to come..