Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Yay. Made time for crafting, at last!

At last I have made time to do some crafting. Been using the "super-duper craft machine that I wanted but didn't need", which is a Cricut Expression to everyone else.

I have the SCAL software and enjoy making files, although I am not very good at it. Today I wanted to make a word book for Maggie's leaving 'card'. I cut the letters in black card and then a layer of coloured paper; there will also be a layer of plain white or cream paper on the back of each letter so that others at work can write messages to Maggie.

I have just got SCAL2 and so far I am loving all the extra stuff that can be done in it. I like that i was able to do all these pages as layers as I was able to make sure that they were all the same size and didn't have to make them all as separate files.

I've also had a g0 at making some "library card holders" for the Document:2010 challenge which is on Shimelle's blog ( and also on the UKscrappers website ( It's a long time since I've done any scrapbooking so am looking forward to finding time to do this challenge - never done a challenge before either so just hoping I don't get bored three months in. It's a monthly challenge so not too taxing?!

Next time I am going to try to figure out how to load Scut and SVG files here, so that I can share with anyone who wants them.

'Til then. xx

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Newark and Fort William!

Still not done any crafting, but have next week off work and am hoping to get some stuff done.. It's almost the end of January already!! Where is the year going? BUT.... it does mean that it's not going to be long before our favourites sites will be open again and we can get away for weekends.. this is the one I think we both like best for a weekend.... Only a couple of months.... Trying to decide where to go in the summer at the moment.
Rodge fancies Fort William again, and there's nothing wrong with it - beautiful site; gorgeous scenery; just not much to do since we aren't great walkers! Seems a bit of a waste really! But the view from the caravan! How could anyone not like this?? I think it will be Fort William.....
So now you understand Newark and Fort William - 300 miles apart but two of our favourite places. Take care. x

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

The end of an era!?

My friend at work is retiring next month. Today she has been trying to get everything up to date before she leaves and as such has printed off
several pages of badminton match result forms; checked with me the best day/time to come in and print them off in future; organised the lottery we do; flicked bits of paper at me; emptied the pencil sharpener on my desk (to test the cleaner you understand!) and last but certainly not least,organised her social life for the next 6 weeks! I'm gonna miss her!

Sunday, 17 January 2010

So today we finally made a start on doing the kitchen. Most of the walls in this place are Artex! Artex walls - I ask you??? Anyway we put in some "decent" units when we first moved, but for some reason it was never right... I guess the B&Q designer wasn't much of a designer - this kitchen has never worked. Couple of years ago I started taking the artex off the walls - BIIIIIG mistake! The plaster came off quicker than the Artex! So I've lived with this brick wall for about 18 months now while I decided how to redo the kitchen.
I've now decided on the kitchen I want (Ikea, which will come as no surprise to those who know and love me....), the design and even some space saving features depending on finances! So Rodge had his first go at plastering today. I don't think he did too bad considering: a) it was the first time he'd tried it; b) we had a plasterers trowel and no other tools; and c) he had to mix the plaster in a bucket with a bamboo stick! :-D

Anyway.... I'm already feeling better about it - it still looks a mess and I still hate the kitchen, but I know we're getting there at last! Tomorrow I'm off to get a couple of bags of plaster and some proper tools - he's got a whole house to do next... xx

Friday, 15 January 2010

Second post and I've figured out HOW to add photographs - lets see now if they actually post too! :-)
To be fair, this isn't one of my photo's! Rodge took this at work. I still get all "emotional" (yeh! I know!) when I see views like this - I mean - who wouldn't like this?
This is the year that will be discussed for the next 30 years, until we get another snowy winter.. Last time we had this much snow we lived in Wiltshire, Rodge was in the army and I didn't go any further than the NAAFI shop, which was about a quarter mile away, for weeks - Wiltshire were rubbish at snow clearance - hope they've improved?

So this photo I DID take! This is the garden where I work - amongst all this snow is a canal lock! I love this area and it's so pretty - if lethally icy - in the snow.

Have done some crafting this week and forgot to take photos!!!! Made a calendar, planner and birthday card, all of which were different to what I normally do - can't believe I forgot the photos!

Weekend off work tomorrow and down to Wickes first thing... drain is blocked again, and this time we really have to sort it out properly! Also going to get some plaster and have a go at the kitchen walls. We seriously can't make it any worse than it is at the moment. Am going to go now and take some "before" photos..... Sleep tight. x

Thursday, 14 January 2010

First Post! Wow!

Crikey! This blog making lark isn't as easy as I thought!! Haven't done as much crafting as I've been wanting to, recently, so am determined to do more this year. Think I really need to do more of everything this year..
My next task is to figure out how to put photo's on here. Got a new camera for Christmas and have taken loads of photo's with it; be a shame not to share! :-D
'til next time then. xx