Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Warning - photo heavy!

Hello! Thanks for sticking with me. As I said last time I've been taking lots of photos and I'm going to share just a few of them. So in no particular order......

These next few were taken in the garden at work. The area manager wants this bed removing and a recycled plastic picnic bench put in it's place!!! We are fighting the decision as long as we can, but it will have to come out eventually!

One morning when I went to work I wore the hat to keep the sun off my head..... by the time I came home I needed the other hat to keep my ears warm!!! British weather not suit you? Wait a minute - it'll change! LOL

And the Blue-tits nested in the Camera Box again this year. 8 eggs produced 6 fledglings 20 days later.

 We went away in the caravan for a few days last week and decided to just take the Alphie dog - to give Florence a break from him, and because she isn't as good in the caravan as she used to be. He was brilliant with us; she was brilliant at home without him!!

And look at that lovely fabric on the seat!!! :-D There's been a bit of discussion on a couple of blogs I read Lucy  and Nora both have caravans with similar sort of fabric. Lucy has covered hers with crocheted blankets and it looks fabulous and Nora has a gorgeous Pinterest board with ideas for changing the interior of hers. Go and look!

I had a friend visiting for the weekend. And I baked! Yum! 

That's it for now. Getting late and I have work tomorrow. It takes so long to get pictures and words lined up in Blogger....  I've just previewed this before I post it - and it looks absolutely nothing like it does in the "Edit Post".... Grrrr. I'm too tired now, so sorry - it's going as it is! And I bet it looks different again once actually posted?!
Thanks for calling by. Speak soon.