Monday, 24 May 2010

Too Hot!

 That's it........ That's all..... Nothing more..... Too bloomin' Hot! Sky clouding over. Wind picking up. 9pm. Still too hot! What happened to Spring. We seemed to have a couple of days of nice warm weather and then this heat. Roll on Autumn! :-D
Back soon. xx

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Bird Box Camera

We have a bird box cam at work. This is the fourth year since we installed it and we've been lucky enough to have a nesting pair of Blue Tits every year. The latest brood have just hatched out, and we have 9 babies in there. They hatched on Thursday and were very pink and bald. They are just beginning to be not quite so bald. Blue Tit parents are very good - they constantly feed the babies until they fledge. You can't really see much in this photo, except that you can just make out Mummy on the nest....

That's her towards the bottom of the screen, her head at the bottom and her body (keeping her babies warm) - is the other round shape you can see. I've also finally figured out the difference between the male and the female (apart from it's always HER that sits on the nest); the patch on the top of their head is different - his is a bright blue whereas hers is darker. With this pair she also looks 'tattier' than he does! Poor Momma is looking a bit harassed.... They'll be gone before we know it though - I think about a fortnight before they fledge! That's still an awful lot of caterpillars! 
And finally for this time thought I'd post the final photo of the hedgerow....

Houses that we can see all winter finally gorn!!! Now it's just the next door neighbours who can see into our garden... :-( To be fair - one side is OK and I'm working on the other side! LOL.
Back soon. xxx

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Already done spring has sprung!!!

But thought these photo's explained it more than the other post!

I know spring has arrived when this happens in the back garden: At the beginning of April I can still see the houses out the back.

By mid-April the buds are appearing on the trees and the houses are starting to disappear..

This is the end of April; give it another week or so and we'll not be able to see the houses. In fact, if it wasn't for the neighbours from Hell we'd be totally enclosed and hidden from everything. This is an original hedgerow, mostly hawthorn but some elder and blackthorn. 

It does also show me that I really MUST do some work on the garden this year. I don't seem to have anytime to get out there. I used to love pottering when I got in from work and don't know what happened. 

The other big happening was the Icelandic volcanic ash that grounded planes in the UK for almost a week. The next photo was taken two days after flights had resumed, early in the morning, when usually there would be more contrails than this. This is the most I saw for almost a week..... don't understand the "planes in the wrong place" thing!!! If they had waited another day, surely they'd have all been in the right place and flights could have resumed as before??? :-D (Sure someone will explain where I am going wrong with that thinking?!)

Not the most brilliant month ever, in fact I doubt it could have got much worse, but it's finally over. The working to contract lasted all of two days!! :-D Wow! How bored was I? hehehe. And why is my son so forgiving? I want to be angry with people! Ah well! Too much wasted energy I suppose, and I have this damned depression to try to deal with at the moment... even Philip has realised I hate being on my own... bless! He keeps popping down to check I'm OK, and gives me a hug. xx  Roll on summer............
Back soon. xxx