Monday, 25 April 2011

I've done it at last.......

........made a scrap page, that is! :-)
Following the advice of Rachel to have a clear out and look for some page maps, I had a tidy up and then trawled through some of my favourite crafters blogs. As soon as I saw the one on Shimelle's blog I knew I wanted to use the sketch. Well..... my take on it!!!
And lets face it - it's not my best page; it's not the best photo - either of Philip and Steff or of the scrap page; it's not the best "take" on a sketch. BUT I SCRAPPED! And I am beginning to feel more positive about doing some more now. I'm not going to look closely at the page (for now) and analyse it because I know things aren't straight, the letters aren't perfect, etc. etc. I am just happy that I have finally got here.
What? You want to see what? Oh! The page? Here it is:

Aren't they sweet? They call each other "Honey", hence the title.

Oh! And they were just about to start making a cheesecake (the most deeeeeelicious cheesecake you could EVER imagine eating) because Philip's Godmother was coming to visit for the day. Been trying to wrestle the recipe out of Steff, but she's a bit coy about sharing. Might have to hide her suitcase, so she can't go home, until she does share. :-)

Thanks for reading.
Back soon. xx

Monday, 18 April 2011

At last!!!

At last I've finally done some crafting - nothing spectacular, but it's a start..... Thanks to the lovely Rachel at "Rewarding Memories" for your comment on my last post. She suggested that I have a good clear-out, which I did; I rediscovered my Project Life journalling cards,  pulled out this years diary, printed off some photo's and this is the result:

I'd put pockets in the diary (I made it because I couldn't find one I liked!) for notes and stuff and the Project Life journalling cards fit, the photo's I just cut down a little bit to fit into the pockets. So, like I said, not strictly crafting as I'd define it, but it is a start. I've found a sketch for a scrap page that I quite fancy having a go at too - just have to decide which photo to use. So thank you so much Rachel - it was the clear out wot dun it!

And now a (rhetorical) question..... How long does it take the DVLA to process a driving licence? In Rodge's case, so far, 6 months, 1 week and 3 days...... so far...... Well, to be fair, it was back in his possession for 2 days in that time. How am I so sure about the length of time? Because 1 week and 3 days ago his JSA stopped. Apparently I am earning and am supposed to keep him now (and the 2 adult sons too apparently) Wish someone would tell me how! 
The licence went off for it's 3 year medical update on the day he was "laid off". It came back briefly sometime in January with a medical form that needed to be completed if he wanted to apply to get his HGV1 back (insulin dependant diabetics now get them back on mainland Europe just by applying) and they will then "consider his case". Now why they couldn't have told us that 6 months, 1 week and 3 days ago when he called and asked............ 
He is unemployed because the DVLA are, apparently, short-staffed. How ironic is that? But even worse, in all that time, all the times he has called, only ONE person has cared and tried to speed the process up! Oh! And I'm sure you know that without physical sight of a driving licence, an employer is no longer allowed to employ you. (He has worn vertebrae so is restricted in the work he can do) 
Please keep your fingers crossed that the licence turns up soon, with the HGV entitlement returned to him - he's rubbish at housework and I'm fed up with chips for tea.... :-)
Back soon with some real crafting. Thanks for reading this far. And if you work at the DVLA in the medical section - pleeeeeeeeease send his licence back with his HGV SOON... lol