Sunday, 27 June 2010

Blue Tits fledged!

The Blue Tits in the Web Cam box, at work, fledged at the beginning of the month. It seems they all went because there is nothing left in the box this year. I arrived at work one morning to be greeted by Weez who rushed me down to the path alongside the canal.  We were greeted with this sight.....

How cute? We were  a bit worried because it seemed to be on it's own, with no siblings or parents in sight. As we get a few dog owners walking along the towpath at this time in the morning, we were reluctant to just leave it. I couldn't resist taking these photos while we were deciding the best thing to do. Couldn't get over how tiny it was...... When it's on the camera in the box you just don't realise HOW small they are.

I took this one to show the relevance of it's size against the brickwork of the visitor centre.... This really does show how small it is!

It was at this point we heard a Blue Tit calling, and then became aware of one flying back and forth. dad had come back for this one. We wish we'd been there to witness them all fledging as we can only assume about how it all happens, but it seems that the parents take the babies off somewhere else, one at a time and this was the last one. Once we moved out of the way, the baby had no hesitation in flying off with Dad.

We're so lucky that we've had babies every year so far, since the box was put up.
That's it for now. Speak soon. xx

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Photos of our weekend away

So how relaxing does this look? No wonder it's become our favourite local place to go. The car didn't move all weekend. I hardly wore shoes, took my watch off and just relaxed.

As you can see here, Rodge also tried to relax..... He did catch a couple of fish - one quite large one (I saw it - not just a fishermans tale!!!)  He always seems to be worrying about something that isn't important in ANY scheme of things, let alone the grand scheme..... Like the car and caravan that overtook us - obviously speeding, but why is that his problem? Like does the other bloke that's fishing have an Environment Agency Rod Licence...... I'm not at work here, I don't give a damn. Get a life Rodge, Please. Anyway, here is is: the most relaxed I have seen him for a long time.... I love you. xxx

And our puppy dog..... Well, she is almost 11 now, so not much of a puppy. She didn't relax much this weekend either - drove me barmy laid in the middle of the caravan floor all weekend. Lost count of the times I stood on her! She did enjoy her walks though.

Going away again next weekend - working this week, and still no cover so no chance of having the weekend off. It's Rodge birthday today (Happy Birthday you old bugger) and our anniversary on Monday (35 years - who'd have thought?) lots of people actually, but I guess we proved them all wrong - well, neither of us wanting custody of the kids helps!! :-D
Still no crafts to show - even going buying his card today....... :-(
That's it for now. Speak soon. xxx

Thursday, 17 June 2010


Day 10!!!!! Not had a cigarette in 10 days now. I joke that I am going to mug someone, or run them over, for their cigarette, but in fact don't even want one! That's not to say I don't miss them, but it's more the physical - never having smoked in the house here, I find myself going to the back door, but then missing the smoking!! :-(
Florence still needs nicotine patches though!! :-) Actually she is getting better and isn't coming and staring quite as much. It does help that the weather has been good, so the door is open more and so she can go out whenever she wants. She has been playing lots recently......

I'm gonna kill this whatever it's called..........!

MY Dad. See, you can't share while I'm up here......

You got treats...... me, me, me. Please. More. I can see them. more. NOW!

Other news: John is finally coming home permanently. But Bill and Jill are moving to Scotland for the summer!!! They have a summer job as campsite wardens, and I am sooooooo jealous. LOL. So start putting aside what I'm not spending on the cigarettes and get up to Lock Lomond to visit them!
And finally....
Just wanted to share this because it's so pretty and this photo turned out just how I wanted it to. Maybe I'm finally learning how to use the new camera? lol - not! :-D
Speak soon. xx

Saturday, 12 June 2010

A Rant!

Oil leaks!!! This is making me so mad. Obama is now putting the blame squarely on BP's shoulders. Yup! OK! So they were operating it. Telling the whole world that he's blaming them, and that they should suspend all share payouts isn't going to help anyone though...... Share prices will drop and if he isn't careful they could end up in administration and then NOT be able to pay for the clean up. What are the Americans going to do then? The fault lies with a lot of people and companies. If the USA wasn't so obsessed by their huge gas guzzling vehicles, permission may not have been given in the first place to develop rigs at such a depth. If the Bush administration hadn't cut back on the inspections, if the Obama administration had insisted on better inspections. I "googled" Bush, Haliburton, bin Laden, rig inspections. Wow!! They are all so caught up in all this oil stuff and each other, it's scary.
Thing is; yes! it is a disaster, but once the majority is finally cleaned up, the worlds natural defences will take over. Do the Americans think that oil is just held in nice convenient little spaces in the rocks, and are only released when we humans drill into them? Natural dispersion will happen - not for the amount that is spilling out at the moment admittedly and something needs to be done, but instead of sitting at home complaining, maybe the complainers should get off their backsides and go down to the bloody beaches and help with the clear up?
And if David Cameron offers any sort of financial aid to the USA I will be bloody angry. Bloody America got us into this bloody recession with their bloody sub-prime mortgages that they then sold off around the world; and don't forget bloody Goldman Sachs hedge fund. Let the freakin' bankers and the freakin' oil industry pay for this.....
OK. Rant over! That was so much more satisfying than a cigarette... Back soon with the next rant. :-D

Thursday, 10 June 2010

To smoke or not to smoke?

I've not had a cigarette since Monday!!! :-) OK, so I've just had a look to see if there are any in pockets or fallen on the floor in the back porch - there weren't! So I've still not had a cigarette since Monday! Yay!!! Although even looking feels like cheating.. :-(
It is much easier because everyone around me are either non-smokers, or recent quitters. I probably only know 2 or 3 people now who still smoke.
I've not done any crafting, but I've given up smoking! LOL. I am also seriously looking at Job vacancies now. I really don't like work, and it's way past time to move on. I'll miss some people but not many, and think I would stay in touch with a couple anyway.
Oh well! Time for bed. Actually sleeping these days. Not taken tablets now for about a month and feel SO much better for it. (Guess I had better go see the doctor though about the lack of medication!)
Back soon.
Oh! And I should just add that all 9 baby Blue Tits fledged on the 1st June. Have a photo of one of them on the ground before Mum came back for it, so will post that later. xxx