Sunday, 26 June 2011

Hello.... it's been a while!

Some photos of what we've been doing! First of all... I MADE A CARD!!!! One of my colleagues has just had a little girl (well, his wife obviously...) so I made this for all of us to sign and give to him:

The image is from the Pink Gem website. Janet sometimes does free images and this one was perfect for the card, so many thanks to Janet for sharing her talent. Just hope Richard and Toni like it.

The lovely Stephanie was going home at the beginning of June and I wanted to show her MY Derbyshire. Born and brought up in the north west of Derbyshire Longshaw and Ladybower were the obvious places to take her. My big bruvv had just started working for the National Trust and was at Longshaw on the day we went, so we spent a few hours with him there. This is the view from his workplace.... A couple of days later we went off to Derwent  and Ladybower Dams and this photo must have been taken in roughly the same place as the one in the previous post of me with my lovely Dad.

And then this one is looking from the car park down the reservoir towards the Ashopton bridge.

Finally I couldn't go and not show you this photo of Alphie.....

 When he's having his tea we put him in here, so that he doesn't eat Florence's tea as well - she's getting on, bless her, and doesn't eat as fast as he does. Because it has been so warm, the board we'd normally use to keep him in, was at the back door, so Matt found this little piece of off-cut worktop. Alphie could step over it. He could probably get between it and the door frame, but he stands there crying because he can't get out! Cruel, but funny!! It won't be long before he has it "sussed" out so we're making the most of it! :-D
You can't see it in these photo's, except maybe the Longshaw one,  but I've scratched the lens on my lovely camera.... I know it often costs more to replace the lens than buy a new camera, but my lovely children clubbed together to buy this for me - it's a bridge camera, so not a cheap point and shoot. Anyone have any ideas please? I love it. Don't want to replace it, and feel very, very guilty because I always keep it in a little bag and have no idea how it got scratched....... Help?
O.K. Time to go and get ready for work. Speak soon. (And when I say speak soon, I am talking in the "grand scheme of things") :-) Thanks for reading. Jude.x

Friday, 17 June 2011

Fathers Day

Following on from and idea on Facebook, I am posting a photo of me and my lovely Dad. I only have a couple with the two of us and this is my favourite. I (obviously) don't remember this being taken, but do know that that is the Derwent Dam in the background. Hasn't changed much; was there last week, must get the photos off my camera and post them so that you can see! Oh! Except that now you couldn't get a car on that grass.

Happy Fathers Day for the 19th, to all the Dad's out there. Dad I still miss you after all these years. Love you. xxx

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Dear Blog..............

I'm totally rubbish at updating you, aren't I? No idea why you are still speaking to me - you must feel soooo neglected? Sorry I've not been by to see you, but I've been so busy. And not with crafting either.... I've worked every Bank Holiday since Easter, had visits from, and made visits to, some lovely friends and family. The lovely American daughter is coming to the end of her visit and is still speaking to us all, so we can't be that bad. "The" licence and all the relevant medical forms are now with the DVLA to make their decision; nothing more we can do now, except wait and see if they think he should have his LGV back, a 7.5 tonne or neither... If it's neither it's going to be a bit of a disaster after all the effort put into jumping through their hoops, and research into how to appeal to the European courts. Fingers crossed it all works out. If he gets his LGV, this months overtime (mine) is going on a spending spree - with me - not spent anything on myself since last September, so it's gonna be mine; all mine! mwhahahahaaaa... Card and papers, and card, and paper, and paper, and..... you get the idea? :-D
Anyway; Speak soon.