Thursday, 15 May 2014

Well I was going to give an update a couple of weeks ago, about my lovely new sewing machine (I think I'm in love) about the craft fair I'm hoping to do and about life in general. Unfortunately life got in the way and I was busy planning for a long haul trip.
Yep! I planned, and organized and bought tickets (in a two week stressful schedule), and booked hotels and here we are in Los Angeles, visiting my lovely son and his beautiful wife. The temperature yesterday was 38*C and today is expected to rise to 40*C... Air conditioned places are a must, so today it's off to the Science Centre to see Endeavor - again for me, first time for hubby and goodness knows how many times for P... I think it's his favorite place to visit in L.A. :-D

I can cope with the heat just knowing that my son is the happiest he has ever been and is married to the most delightful girl in the world.... How soppy is that? lol

Anyway. Off out now. Proper update with all sorts of news and photos when I'm back in the UK.

Speak soon. Jude.x

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